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Best henna hair dye guide and purchase review

best henna hair dye
best henna hair dye

Best henna hair dye review

Basically Henna is a plant, Lawsonia inermis. The leaves of this plant, when dried and powdered, smell like hay, the leaves of the henna plant have a red-orange dyemolecule, Lawsone, a napthaquinone. Henna will stain your hair red-orange this stain is translucent and will combine with your natural color. Because of not having extra chemical, henna hair dye is the most safe for use, most importantly it is so much cheap. Here we are going to discuss the best henna hair dye buying guide and currently the best products available in the market.

This henna is great. It will cover your greys. Imagine, you have naturally dark brown hair with about 30% silver/grey hair. Your brown will turn into a nice Auburn color and they grey/silver was a copper. More importantly its’ color will carry over next 5/6 weeks. If you are thinking about color, it makes your hair a great color and perfect blending. This time I am using hibiscus tea for a deeper red color.

Not only henna gives you a natural color, it has so many other facilities. If you have hair falling problem, it will remove your hair fall. It will make your hair more shinny, removes dandruff. In my point of view, no other products can do much as henna. It’s completely herbal, safe to use, suitable for any skin, a strong solution for all types of hair problem.


Here are the top three products with huge numbers of well feedback and suggested by the so many.

[one_third]Hannah Natural

best henna dye

100% pure henna leaves

2 packs, 50 gm

Color Red

Rating 4.3


[/one_third][one_third]The Henna Guys

best henna hair dye 2

Zero Chemicals

100 Grams of Pure Henna & 100 grams of Indigo Powder

Color Black

Rating 4.o

Purchase[/one_third][one_third_last]Suriya Brasil
best henna hair dye 3

Cream 2.37 Ounce

Henna Dark Brown Cream 2.31 Oz

Color Dark Brown

Rating 3.9



Are those really work?

May be I gave you the answer in the very first of this post. Because of not having extra chemical, it is totally safe and it is 100 percent natural. So a natural product is the best option to use.

Here I am going to show some images which were collected from people who purchased these products.

best henna hair dye best henna hair dye

After watching both the images I think you will have enough idea.

Advantage of using the best henna hair dye

Hair Coloring with Henna

Henna is mostly used to color your hair in a natural way. Henna hair color is not only safe and quick, but also without any harmful side effects. Here are few useful homemade henna for hair coloring.

Henna, Coffee and Beetroot Pack

This is one of the best henna for hair and a side-effect free grey hair solution that contains the proteins and vitamins of eggs and lemons and provides a natural burgundy color to the hair that looks exactly like salon coloring.

Henna For Hair Growth:

The next important and popular use of henna is for hair growth. Henna for natural hair is really useful that provides a healthy glow and volume to it and makes it shine with all its might.

Henna Hair Growth Oil

Henna can be used to make your own essential oil, to get rid of hair fall, white hair, and pollution. This oil also promotes hair growth naturally.


After first purchase, you will start loving henna. You can use it for pretty much everything. Hair, nails, lips (it’s great as lip stain- takes forever- but the end result is beautiful) All most these are most cheapest henna and more importantly you’ll found that hasn’t lost it’s quality. And for this reason our top three products are the best henna hair dye comparing with other products. The package you will receive might a bit torn- but the henna was perfectly fine! You will never stop using henna and it leaves a gorgeous natural-looking red that no chemical dye you would’ve used could beat.


Don’t use this henna if you have some major skin problem.

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